Sun Cellular Philippines Has the Crappiest Service Ever

Let me share with you my second bad experience with Sun Cellular. I was not supposed to publish this blog post since I was being considerate, but since Sun Cellular management was not considerate with me, here it is.

I applied for a Sun Plan 450 on March 4 since I really, really need a postpaid phone. I went to the Sun Shop in Los Banos in the morning with some of the requirements and from there the agent and I decided on which requirement should be waived. I did not have my Certificate of Employment with me but I submitted all requirements and completed the application form. The agents said that the longest waiting time is five days. I was excited when I left the Sun Shop.

The following day Jairo, another agent, gave me a call, saying that my CoE cannot be waived. I agreed to submit it lest my application gets declined. I went to my office HR and asked them to rush a copy of my CoE. After getting my CoE, I rushed to Los Banos from my office in Makati. I got to the Sun Shop at 7:15pm. Tired and drained, I handed them the last requirement.

A week after, I was informed that the application is still pending. It was okay with me since I thought, maybe, there were too much applications at the moment. I was considerate.

A week after that, I received no calls or SMS. I was beginning to wonder why my application is taking too long. I sent the agents SMSs and gave them calls but I did not receive a single reply.

A week after that, I was informed that my application is being reviewed by the top management. They did not tell me why it had to come that far. I was pissed but I stayed calm and patiently waited for the approval of my application. I also told them that I should receive daily status reports since I was in Makati. It did not happen.

I was too busy to go to the Sun Shop every week. But come first week of April, I went back there and asked for the status. Again, they told me it was still being reviewed by the top management. I gave them an ultimatum, that if nothing happens come April 15, I’m revoking my application. I did not revoke it, instead, I faithfully waited for it.

I again called and sent them text messages but the agents did not respond. That time it has been a month and a few days since I last applied.

This afternoon, I went to the Sun Shop to again check the status of my application. Jairo couldn’t even look me in the eye so I asked another agent to check my application. She couldn’t find my application papers, and spend some five minutes searching for me in the computer. I told her to ask Jairo for help since he’s my agent. They two just made the waiting all the more longer. They searched the file folders but didn’t find my papers. Until finally, after about 10 minutes, the sales girl told me that my application was declined on March 27. Here’s the conversation:

“Sorry, Ma’am Sheenah, your application was declined on March 27,” she said

I replied with angry tone “Without informing me?! That was March 27. I gave you a call that day, and you didn’t tell me the truth! What the fuck is going on?”

“But we re-forwarded it for reconsideration, and now we’re still waiting for the feedback.”

“If I’m able to sell my other phone later, I’m revoking my application, and this time it’s for real.”

There was no point arguing with her. Sun Cellular management has kept me waiting for so long and then misinforming me, and then will keep me waiting for another lifetime. It wouldn’t matter much if I do not really NEED a postpaid phone (but I swear, you will have the same feelings as I do).

One more thing, I asked them what are the grounds for getting declined and they couldn’t answer me. My theory is that my application papers literally got stuck somewhere (since they couldn’t find it) and they need more time to find it, or to trace my information. But that’s just a theory I cannot back up.

So, okay, I’m left with no Sun postpaid phone because of Sun Cellular’s incompetence. I was not able to sell my other phone this afternoon, which means I probably have a lot of waiting to do.

I couldn’t get to the top management since it’s not allowed (as per agents) to talk to them.

They are not allowed to disclose the bounds for declining a client’ application.

Sun Shol Los Banos’s agents are utterly incompetent and ignorant.

They did not give me status updates when I asked for them.

Sun Cellular has the worst service ever. I have been to other networks and the agents are not like that. Sun Cellular sucks, really. This isn’t the first time this has happened. Please refer to my open letter about why Sun Wireless Broadband sucks.